Sunday, June 26, 2011

How To: Ke$ha Hair!

    You may be thinking,"What the Heck is Ke$ha hair?" Ke$ha hair is a messy wavy style! Its Abby's favorite hair to wear either on a night out, or just to the movies! It was the hair sported by Abby in our last fashion post And it all begins...





For this your gonna need:

(Conair want iron, Got2be Curl n' Protect. Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray, Ion Texturizing Wax, Redken Radient Sea Spray)
  • A Curling Wand (or a normal curling iron. just don't use the clamp!)
  • A heat protectant
  • Your favorite strong, flexible hold hairspray
  • Texturizing Wax or pomade (optional)
  • Scented sea salt spray (optional)
The first thing your going to do is heat up your curling tool from 300 to 400 degrease. 

In the mean time, take your favorite heat protectant and work it evenly through your hair to protect from damage and breakage caused by the heat styling. 

Each curl is composed in 4 steps!

Step 1: Randomly section off a section of hair. The whole idea of the look is to be messy and random, so the sections should not be the same size. Try not to make the section larger that 1 1/2 inches because it may not curl like the rest of the sections.

Step 2: Place the curling tool with the tip down and begin to wrap the hair around the barrel, insuring that each wrap around causes the hair the be exposed to the hot surface. Hold until the hair is warm, not hot, to the touch  Remember: The hair framing the face should be curled AWAY from the face (curler behind section) and the direction of the curl should be rotated. so curl some of them in  (curler in front of the curler) This is gonna make sure the curls wont all blend together!

Step 3: Release the curl from the wand, and hold the curl in the palm of your hair for a few second while the curl cools. 

Step 4: Let the curl drop. If your hair falls out easily, spray it now! Or you can wait until the end!

Just repeat the steps until you have your entire head completed!

Before styling
Lightly mist your hair with hairspray and move the hair while you do it to create more volume!

Flip your hair over and GIVE YOUR SELF WHIPLASH GIRL! 

You can stop the look here and run out the door, or you can make it even messier with a texturizing wax! Pick up a small amount of the wax and warm it in your hands by rubbing them back and forth. Then apply the wax in the hair by scrunching and messing with the hair. 

To finish it off im spraying Redken's Radiant Sea Spray with time-touch fragrance capsules to add even more texture, and a fragrance that will release throughout the day as the hair is moved!

Now your done!

Enjoy your curls! Tell us what your favorite hair style is?

~Abby and Alicia


Thanks to grace for being our camera person, and making us crack up! CHICKEN CUTLETS! 

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  1. Very cute post! I totally want to try that on my hair!


Thanks for the comment! :)

~Abby and Alicia