Sunday, July 17, 2011

TJMaxx Clothing Haul!

Are you a maxonista? I am for sure! Although its nothing like shopping at Macys, Nordstrom or Saks, i feel even more joyed whenever I buy something from TJMaxx! I originally went looking for a new pair on sunglasses, designer brands and quality for the price of the crappy ones in the mall! But as you can see I left the store with a little more... :) Tip: If you are ever looking for a new fragrance stop by a TJMaxx first, you could find one of your favorite perfumes for less!

Derek Heart black tank with white lace underlay- $4.99
Pinc black and white love crop top- $13.99
Zenana Outfitters grey lace bandeau- $4.99
Jessica Simpson sunglasses- $12.99
Paper crane feather crop top-$9.99
Imaginary Voyage cotton black dress-$14.99
Mirah Cary fragrance sets-$15 each

Do you love good deals? 

~Alicia and Abby