Sunday, July 24, 2011

Current Color Obsession?

Sooooo... IM OBSESSED! With what you may ask? A color. yes, a color! Within the last three days i've worn this color pretty much all the time, or bought an item of this color! The color is the light slightly washed out Tiffany blue color!

This is my favorite shirt from Aritzia! Its a TNA shirt in H2O:
This is a bad picture of a strapless printed tube top thats 3 years old. But somehow it still fits!

I also recently got a manicure with Absolutely Shore, the same pale blue!

I also lost my tweezers, and was in need.. so i got the Tweezerman travel tweezers in the same color! 

I also changed the font color or headings and titles to this color too... So clearly I'm enjoying this color! Is there color or pattern you are crazy obsessed with? Lets us know!
~Alicia and Abby

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