Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fashion: How To Save Money on a Shopping Trip!

Lets face it… we all love to shop! There's nothing wrong with trying on countless amounts of outfits and spending money on things you might only wear a couple of times! Here are some tips that will help you save money, and regret, on your future shopping trips!

  1. Set a limit for yourself. Giving yourself a limit of howmuch you want to spend will keep you in line, andsave you from truly regretting that Marc bag on sale that you can't return.
  2. Know what you’re looking for. Maybe you have an event coming off and on the shopping trip you are planning on getting stuff for that event! Keep those things in mind as you shop. By knowing what your planning on buying before you go to the mall will help you stay on track and not buy the things you have too many of!
  3. Glance over your closet before you leave. This is going to create a mental bank of the clothing you have so when you see that really cute shirt, even at $10, you can save that and put it towards a different purchase.
  4. Divide up the cost. While starring at yourself in the mirror in the beautiful $50 dress, quickly take the amount of times that you think you will wear it and divide the price by the number. You say you wear it 5 times, that $10 for every time you’re going to wear it!
  5. Add in the cost of accessories. When I try on clothes, or see it on a rack, I think of how I would wear it, including shoes, jewelry, handbag, etc. If I don't own anything that I think will look good with the outfit, I rethink the purchase.
  6. Look for deals. This is one of the most obvious ones! If you see a bogo, or a sale, check there first! Also look out for coupons and online codes!
  7. Be careful with buying extra deals. Sure those shirts may be 2 for $25, but do you really need them? Most of the time you’re saving close to $3, but your spending extra money because you were sucked into the deal. If you only need one, get one. Don't get something unless you truly need it.
  8. Basics vs. One time wear. Why spend your money on something that you might not wear as much? Sure you might see a super expensive basic, but the cost will make up for it in the end!
  9. Add in any alterations. Sure you love the dress, but it’s too long. "Oh, ill just get it tailored!" well that will run you extra. So the dress may seem reasonable, but time and money will add to the cost.
  10. Put it on hold until the end of your trip. You may love that shirt now, but what if you buy 2 other shirts? Do you still really need that one? Plus, you wont want to go back and get it unless you really really like it!

This system will make sure you don't regret al of the things you buy in your future shopping trips! Happy Shopping! :)

~Alicia and Abby

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  1. Great tips!! (:
    Thanks for sharing!
    I am pretty pro at scouting out good shopping deals and such, so many of these tips I can really relate with! Lol
    <3 Lizzy


Thanks for the comment! :)

~Abby and Alicia