Saturday, July 30, 2011

Travel: Best Invention ever!

So when preparing for a beautiful and amazing time in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, I came across the perfect travel best friend: A blanket that folds into a pillow! Now it may seem pretty lame and not special, but it has saved my life on countless occasions! The pillow blanket is made up of super soft material and comes in a cute pink or a sleek black! When it’s folded in a pillow, its 11x10x3. So its not super big, but big enough to provide the comfort of a soft pillow! When you unzip the blanket and unfold it, you have a blanket that is 60x37! So it’s very long, and pretty wide! The best part about this is the foot pouch! On the bottom of the blanket there is button and extra fabric that you can slip your feet into to get your toes warm! There is also a pouch that you can hide things in when it is in blanket form. Perfect to hold the hotel remote! It also has a loop and a snap closure so that you can attach it to the outside of your bag, and not have to worry about it taking up valuable room! I got mine in March at TjMaxx for less than $15, but they do sell them online for around $30. I love the time and if you can find it at a discount snatch it up! Overall I don’t think I would be able to travel without it! Its with me on the plane, in the car, and with the nasty hotel sheets!

Is there anything you can't live with out when you travel? 

~Alicia and Abby

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  1. Thats such a clever idea!! And I love both the colors!


Thanks for the comment! :)

~Abby and Alicia