Monday, July 25, 2011

Health: Moisturizing Miracle

A few days ago while looking through crazy pictures we took with clothes from the back of my closet I lamented the oily appearance of my skin in the photos. Flash forward to the end of the night when Alicia and I stood in front of my sink performing our nightly face washing rituals...

Alicia: Can I borrow some moisturizer?
Abby: Moisturizer? I don't use it, my skin is oily enough as it is I don't need any more!
Alicia: WHAT?

Alicia launched into a complicated scientific explanation that basically boiled down to my revelation: The one thing I thought would elevate my skin problem from slightly shiny to full on greaseball was actually the solution!

I pulled out an old bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion from the depths of my medicine cabinet and just 3 short days later I can see a difference!

I used to wake up to a disgustingly oily face, wash it then use various mattifying creams and powders to quell the oiliness throughout the day. Now I wake up with a reasonably matte finish to my skin and an overall healthier glow!

It's amazing how something so simple has ended a personal vendetta against my skin!

It may take your skin a few days to adjust, but if you previously lost faith in your moisturizer it might be time to pull it out and discover what was missing in your daily skin care regimen!

~Abby and Alicia

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